Monday, June 6, 2011

Back from HeroesCon!

The con went well! My sales were only so-so, but it was worth it to meet so many delightful people. And the con sketches were so very fun. At first the requests were pretty straightforward, a lot of superhero cheesecake.

At one point I realized that my octopus prints:

...Were popular, so I stuck one up on the front of my booth. That was when the sketch requests got awesome. People love(craft) the tentacles, and I love con goers who tailor their sketch requests to what they think the artist might like to draw. Soon everything I drew had tentacles.

There was a lovely lady named Holly at the Top Shelf booth who was asking for sea monsters:

And a downright adorable couple who asked me to draw them as "Mister and Missus Cthulhu:"

On the non-tentacular side of things...since Pickles, Becca, Heidi and I registered as "Rascals, Rogues and Dames" a gentleman came up to us with sketchbook themed for Rogues and Rascals:

(Cue wah-wah trumpet at visual pun)

But by far the highlight of the sketches was an awesome new father who was walking around with sharpie pens and cotton onesies, asking people to do a sketch for his unborn daughter to wear once she popped out! I was thrilled. More than a little honored, frankly. After some consideration I offered this:

So cute! My only regret is there were so many sketches I failed to photograph, or whose photos turned out blurry. Ah well. I'll leave you with a shot of JokerButt.

(Let it haunt your dreams)

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