Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Architecture Journal!

I started an architecture journal as an exercise this past term, and have been combining it with my sketching in ink. It's off to a somewhat slow start but I like it...Savannah has so many weirdly different architectural styles. They often really, really don't mesh well, to be honest. But that's the fun part--seeing an attempt at art deco next to a bank with a portico next to a crumbling dutch colonial style house. All of these are bits of architecture from buildings I sketched around Savannah--yes, even the portico, like I said, it's on a bank.

For every building I drew that day there were a dozen more I saw that I vowed to sketch when I had the time. So much weird architecture in Savannah.

Ha. And here's proof I don't do underdrawing when I sketch in ink. Bet you didn't know Savannah had a church whose buttresses tilted at a 45 degree angle, huh? Sometimes going straight to ink with no underdrawing works out well, but for every image that turns out like this:

There are at least three that turn out like this:

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